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Is It Illegal To Buy Facebook Likes ?

May 23, 2017 / Facebook Likes /

The popularity of the Facebook shows that not just teenagers like Facebook but businesses and individuals are joining and creating Facebook accounts to promote their products and services within this social networking community. The addition of the “Like” button is one of the reasons that so various users are using this method of Facebook to increase exposure that can increase popularity for individuals and higher sales for businesses. A hot debate is whether it is illegal to buy or sell Facebook likes.

It is not illegal to buy Facebook likes. People can and do buy Facebook likes to increase popularity of their profile and achieve a global likes. The terms and conditions of having a Facebook account exclude a part about buying likes to create a profile. This makes the practice perfectly legal for an individual or an organization that creates a profile to buy likes to build up a following. Liking someone on Facebook can fast make the liked entity an overnight sensation when a Facebook friend join in and do the same. Creating these pages is a new way to advertise and market to people from around the globe.

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